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Frequently Asked Questions







How often should I get my dog groomed?
Depending on breed, the average is 6 to 10 weeks with regular maintenance in between.

Does my dog need to be current on annual vaccinations and rabies?
Proof of current rabies and distemper vaccinations are required upon first visit.

Can I stay and watch my pet be groomed?
When the dog’s owner is present many times the dog becomes distracted and excited,

this dramatically increases the chances of accidental injury to the animal and/or the groomer. 

Is winter grooming really necessary?
Yes, scheduling regular grooming visits throughout the year helps keep your pet’s coat and

skin healthy and it also insures that your pet is mat free.  If your dog is kept in a long coat

during the winter months,be prepared to brush them at least ever few days or you can bring

them to your professional pet groomer for a bath & tidy or mini groom. Double coated dogs, or

breeds with an undercoat shed continuously, so a de-shed treatment is still needed year round. Just because your dog has a longer coat doesn't always means it keep them warmer. A longer coat takes longer to dry after a fun day playing in the snow. And if your dog is matted, the mats just pull on the skin, making it painful, and in no way does it help to keep your pet warm.

My dog is matted but I don't want him shaved. Why won't you brush him out?
Because it hurts, just like when you have tangles in your hair, but mats are much worst.  In some cases, with severe matting, it is impossible to comb through the hair, and a shave down is the only way to get the painful mats off. 

                                                                                            What determines the cost to have my dog groomed.
                                                                                           The cost is based on the breed of the dog, the hair style you want

                                                                                           the condition of the coat, and the pet's behavior.  Any price given over the

                                                                                           phone is an estimate.  Things such as matting, specific cuts and styles,

                                                                                           medicated or special shampoos, and behavior related issues can add

                                                                                           additional cost to the base price.

                                                                                           We just got a new puppy when should we start grooming her?
                                                                                           We recommend getting puppies started as early as 8 weeks old.

                                                                                           We also suggest that you start brushing your puppy everyday and getting

                                                                                           them used to having their paws and face handled.


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