Covid Protocols

-Please call or text when you arrive and wait in the car before getting your pet out


-I will have a mask, and maybe even a face shield on when I come out to pick up or drop off


-All dogs must be on leash, and all cats must be in a carrier. Cats not in a carrier will be asked to re schedule. Dogs leashes must be a regular fabric/nylon type leash. Flexi leashes will not work with out hitch system for a contactless drop of


-I will be using Fightbac 64 as a disinfectant. It’s made for the pet profession and on the approved list for covid 19

-I will need extra time between appointments to disinfect. So I can’t do as many pets in one day. So again please be patience


-I will change masks and smocks between every single appointment


-Please be exactly on time for pick up and drop off. The salon door will remain locked. If your early or etc please call or text me. Either way call or text before placing pet info contactless area.


-Matted pets will be taken as short as needed to get the matting off


Any questions feel free to ask.

Coming into the salon

- We will allow clients to come into the salon starting September 15th 2020.

-We will allow 1 client at a time for drop off/pick up

-Please call or text when you arrive, and wait in your car or outside until I let you know its okay to come in (no one else inside)

-Per guidelines please have a face covering on when coming inside. If you can't or wont wear a mask we still have the contactless drop off available.

-Payments can be by card machine (credit or debit), or you can still do the contactless options of etransfer or email invoice. No cash for now please.

Contactless Drop Off

Drop Off:

-When you arrive call or text to let me know you arrived.

If I'm ready for you, then you can place your pet in the pen.

-Walk into the pen

-Place Leash on Canine hitch

-Or place carrier on floor by the door

-Walk out of pen and close the pen

-Press door bell

-Wait for me to come out and get your pet

Pick Up:

-Call or text when you arrive

-If you'd like to pay over phone by credit card I'll do it now

-If your pet is ready ill bring them out

-Place leash on hitch

-When i walk back in, then you can come into the pen area and get your pet

-Please close pen behind you.


How to place leash on canine hitch

So at this time we will not be able to accept cash.


•Credit or Debit and I'll bring the card machine out to you at pick up.

Contactless payments:
•Credit Card payment over the phone trough my square machine. Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover credit cards accepted.
•Or I can send a email invoice trough my square machine. Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover credit cards and Visa debit cards accepted.




(I generally don't book appointment before 10 am,

and never work later then 5pm)


815 Kettleridge st, London ON

Call or text: (519) 709-5671